When the Spellplague shook Toril, the Feywild fell once more into alignment with the mortal realm. Over time, many denizens of that untamed world crept, dashed, or strode across the newly weakened barriers. Some eladrin from the Feywild kingdom of Iliyanbruen (who had fled when Illefarn fell into ruin long ago) decided to return to their ancestral roots. When the eladrin arrived at the portal connecting their forest to Neverwinter Wood, dark fey were already there. After driving out the evildoers, the band erected a military outpost in the surrounding wreckage on both sides of the portal and named it New Sharandar, after Iliyanbruen’s former capital. Now the fey have spread through several of the ancient ruins, which time, nature, and intruders have ravaged. The eladrin want to restore their ancient city and smash in the heads of the pillagers that defiled it. Even though most of the fey reserve their anger for the thieves and ravagers, others are not so precise in their wrath. These eladrin are enraged at the desecration of their ancestral homes. They believe the entire region is theirs by right, and they will happily slaughter anyone who dares gainsay them. The leader of the Iliyanbruen eladrin, Merrisara Winterwhite (enchanter), subscribes to the calmer beliefs of the first faction. So far, she and her lieutenants (those who agree with her, anyway) have kept the bulk of the eladrin forces in check. Nevertheless, travelers who come too near these new eladrin territories are often attacked. Winterwhite is struggling to contain the eladrin’s increasingly explosive anger, even as several community leaders including Olirien Mistcrown, her second-in command, and Emrae Firesky, a priestess of Corellon, agitate for more bloodshed. After the treachery of Addemios Three-Dawn, Firesky’s assistant, a hidden viper in Winterwhite’s midst, was discovered (he pretended to be a celebrant of Corellon, but the nefarious spiritual leader was secretly fomenting violence and seeding ever bloodier and vicious thoughts in the minds of the more extreme eladrin; Three-Dawn was entreated by the Ashmadai, and he became a disciple of Asmodeus; In league with the dark fey the eladrin drove from the portal, he worked to instigate open war between the Iliyanbruen fey and the mortals of the Neverwinter region;) it will only be a matter of time before the more violent faction loses enough support to allow for a wiser course of action.